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Safe Re-opening of Masjid Al-Salam Effective Friday June 12, 2020 - Meghreb Prayer

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters:

Further to the government of Ontario’s announcement, we have been given the green light to re-open the Masjid at a maximum capacity of 30% of the building capacity under strict guidance from the Ontario government and Public Health authorities to ensure safety of all members and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, below are the following guidelines put in place effective immediately, with consultation of our Imam Shazim, upon entering the Masjid and we appreciate your patience during this novel and difficult time:

  • Until further notice, there will NOT be Jumu'ah prayer to reduce risk of spread of COVID-19 and logistical issues; please visit us at or follow us on Facebook for more updates.

  • All 5 daily prayers will be performed; check our website for prayer times

  • Please pray all optional prayers at home

  • Please follow designated prayer areas as each individual must be at least 2 meters (6 feet) distance from one another

  • There is no socializing before and after prayer times on Masjid property both inside and outside of Masjid

  • All Masjid washrooms (both male and female) will be open, but please read notices prior to entering and only use if absolutely necessary, otherwise, we highly encourage you make your Wudu prior to entering Masjid

  • All Masjid items, including Qurans and other books are NOT allowed to be used/touched

  • Only the Imam is allowed to touch/use the microphone.

  • The water fountain is OFF limits

  • The Masjid will be closed during all other times outside of the 5 obligatory prayers except for administrative/maintenance activities

Additional self-precautions to exercise prior to and after entering the Masjid:

  • Stay home and away from others if you are feeling ill

  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you are worried you have or you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19

  • If you have traveled anywhere outside of Canada, self isolate at home for at least 14 days

  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 2 meters from people outside of your immediate household in public at all times, and if this is not possible, wear a face mask

  • Always wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and if this is not possible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Please make Wudu at home

  • Please refrain from carpooling with members outside of your immediate household

  • Please bring a prayer mat with you prior to entering the Masjid. Not bringing a prayer mat means you may not be allowed into the Masjid, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and minimize unnecessary cleaning costs

  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the Masjid

  • Please wear close-toed shoes and socks when coming to the Masjid

  • Please place your shoes in a cubby upon entering the Masjid, and if possible, bring a plastic bag to place your shoes

  • Please keep your jackets on or in the vehicle prior to entering the Masjid

  • Do not bring anything with you into the Masjid that may be forgotten or left behind

  • Please refrain from bringing young children who may run around the Masjid for their own safety and the safety of those around them

  • If you are feeling sick, please refrain from coming to the Masjid

  • Please exercise proper etiquette by coughing/sneezing in your sleeve

  • It is recommended to bring a face mask with you in the Masjid

  • Please refrain from moving around while in the Masjid and try to remain within your designated prayer area only

  • At all costs, try to avoid using Masjid bathrooms, and if not possible, please follow instructions on the door and inside the bathroom for proper self cleaning precautions

  • If, upon entering the Masjid, you find there is no designated prayer spot for you (e.x. all designated prayer spots are taken), please remain outside until a spot is available.

We would like to reiterate the importance of following the above-noted measures to ensure we can have a safe and healthy community and reduce the spread of COVID-19. We understand the above may be inconvenient but is necessary to ensure the Masjid may remain open, until further guidance is given from the government. At this time, if the above measures are not exercised, the Masjid reserves the right to ask you to kindly leave Masjid premises for the safety of yourself and everyone else.

We would also like to inform you that the board is communicating daily with each other to ensure the safety of all members. This includes but is not limited to: increased sanitation and cleaning of Masjid property before and after prayers, monitoring of those entering the Masjid for ease of tracking potential COVID-19 cases, and frequent changes and updates from the government of Ontario and Public Health authorities. We will continue communicating with all members as the situation unfolds.

Thank you for your cooperation.

May Allaha protect us all!


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