Youth Halaqa

This is a weekly halaqa (every Sunday) for boys only from 10 to 15 years old. Registration is required ( Treats will be provided.  

Hifz Program 2023


KMRA Islamic School 2023-24


- Masks are encouraged for all students and teachers.

- Students age 7+ will be eligible to register.

- Registration is mandatory.

- Quran classes will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 5-7

- Islamic classes will be Saturday’s from 11:00 - 1:00 

- Classes will commence Tuesday September 19, 2023


Please note the following:


·   During class time, please refrain from coming to the masjid except for during prayer times, to maintain capacity limitations as well as for the safety of the students

·   Parents/caregivers, please drop off and pick up your children at the designated times; refrain from waiting in the Masjid until class completion as this may distract students/teachers and create unnecessary congestion

·   We would like to implement a sign in / sign off policy for each parent bringing their children for their safety