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Preparations for Ramadan 2020

By Imam Sheikh Shazim: 1. Sincere repentance and thanks to Allah in preparation for Ramadan - A person should make sincere repentance before the month of Ramadan so they do not enter into the month with sins, and they should thank Allah for the blessings of allowing us to see another Ramadan.

2. Make your home a masjid - If there’s a post-pubescent male in household, make 5 calls of athan, and pray 5 daily prayers together as a family 1). If there are no males in the house, females can lead and pray together as females only without calling athan 2). Families that pray together, stay together

3. Taraweeh at home and the history of taraweeh - During time of prophet (PBUH), they did not used to pray taraweeh every night in masjid. Prophet only prayed about 3 nights in masjid in congregation. In fact one night he prayed, then when the next night he found out many others came to pray with him, he stayed at home and asked his wife Aisha why they are gathering. So he purposefully stayed home so as not to over burden the Muslims with something they may think is fardh or obligatory on them

- The prophet (PBUH) died 11th year of hijrah, so during his 9 years and during Abu Bakr khalifait (2 years), they prayed like this at home - Therefore 11 years they prayed at home for taraweeh and only during khalifait of Omar that they prayed taraweeh in congregation

4. Completion of Quran during taraweeh - Not necessary; just try to read and recite what you can - Important to strike balance between Quran recitation in taraweeh and maintaining focus in prayer. Sometimes prophet (PBUH) would even recite only 1 Ayah and keep repeating it. So it is not the amount of ayahs, it is the intention and focus in prayer

5. Timing of taraweeh - Most masajid do taraweeh after isha but as you know taraweeh is actually considered qiyam ul lail and therefore best time to pray it is the last third of the night. Each family dynamic is different so find the time that’s best for everyone and do it then

6. Make up fasting - Aisha would make up her missed fasts from last Ramadan during the month of Sha’ban and it is extremely important to make up fast before the start of Ramadan - Do not make up the fasts on days 29 and 30 in the month of Sha’ban unless: 1). It is a habitual fast (ex if it lands on Monday or Thursday or you usually fast 13-15 of the month or you fast every other day) 2). You forgot and you have to make it up ASAP

7. Maximizing Ramadan with positivity - This is an unique time in history where most people are not working or working from home and minimal interactions with other human beings so we can create a special Islamic environment in our homes void of distraction - Maximize this Ramadan and it could actually be one of the best Ramadan’s that Allah accepts for us for our efforts so don’t be sad - Muslims find positivity in every calamity Jazak Allah Khair

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