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Jumu'ah Announcement (April 9, 2021)

Prayer Times changes:

Fajr 5:30 AM

Asr 5:30 PM

Our Weekly Friday Halqa will be tonight after Meghreb Prayer.

Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions; we have cancelled all Ramadan related activities including Traweeh prayers .... Mosque will remain open for regular prayers inshallah

Starting next Friday; there will be a third Jumu’ah prayer at 3:30 during Ramadan. Online Registration is Mandatory.

Registration for Jumu'ah prayer will start on Monday at 11:00 AM.

Wearing mask during your stay at mosque is MANDATORY now. Please bring your prayer mats.

Please visit our website to find the registration link. Please cancel your registration or contact us immediately if you can't join the prayer due to any reason

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