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Shaikh Shazim Khan was born in Georgetown, Guyana. He completed his education from the Islamic University of Madinah. Shazim Khan lived in Scarborough where he taught part-time at Salaat Islamic School. He also taught at the Qur’an Society and at the I.I.T in which he led prayers, lectures, and halakas. During this time, he rotated around Toronto Masjids and Universities.


Shaikh Shazim has a bright vision for the Muslim community of Peterborough. He strongly believes in tradition Islamic values by the teachings of true proper knowledge of the Qu'ran and the sunnahs based on the understandings of the Sahabahs.  He has the proper knowledge and sunnahs to share with others so they become more educated in the deen.

For any counseling or questions and inquires, please contact Shaikh Shazim Khan.

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