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Jumu’ah Announcement (May 31, 2019)

Prayer Times: Fajr 4:15 - We will have community Iftar dinner tonight inshallah and also on Saturday and Sunday. Please join with your family. - khatam Quran will also be tonight inshallah. There will be sweets to share Inshallah - Eid Prayer will be at 8:30 sharp at Evinrude Hall at 911 Monagham Road opposite to Canoe Museum. Hall doors will open by 8:00 and please come by that time. Please do wudu at home due to limited washroom availability and bring your prayer mats. Refreshments will be served after prayer inshallah. No outside food is allowed. - KMRA Eid Festival has been organised for Saturday June 8, 2019 from 11 AM till Asr Prayer. There will be bouncy castle and other fun activities. Please join with your family and lunch will be served after Zohar prayer inshallah. - Deadline for summer job applications is June 7th. More details are available at our website. 

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