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Ramadan Fundraising

Dear community members,

Every year Ramadan graces us with its presence. May Allah increase our piety, sincerity and steadfastness during this holy month and bring us all closer to Him. We pray to Allah to enhance our spirituality and to enable us to do more good deeds. Ameen

On 27th of Ramadan, we had our annual fundraising drive for our mosque. This year we have a target to raise $75,000 and so far we have collected pledges for $46,720.

We are thankful to all donors but its not over yet. We are still looking for donations to achieve our target. Please contact KMRA board members to submit your pledge forms.

Donations are accepted as cash, cheque or e-transfer. For all e-transfer; please send your donations through Please include your name, address and phone number in the message section.


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