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Jummah Announcement (June 8, 2018)


Prayer Times Changes:

Starting Saturday June 9, 2018:

Fajar 4:00

  1. There will be community Iftar on Saturday and Sunday. Please join us with your family.

  2. Please join us to celebrate completion of Quran recitation on 26th of Ramadan (Monday June 11, 2018). Refreshments will be served.

  3. We are looking for volunteers for outdoor setup for Eid prayer on Wednesday June 13, 2018 after Asr Prayer.

  4. Eid will be on either on Friday or Saturday. Eid prayer will be at 08:00 sharp. Please come early and park your vehicle accordingly. Please bring light refreshment/sweets to share with community after prayer.

  5. Zakat - ul - Fitar for this year is $10 per person and obligatory to be paid before Eid prayer.

  6. For sisters; there will be Henna Fundraising event on Eid Night after Maghreb prayer at the mosque.

  7. All community members are invited to join us for Eid celebration on Eid day. Bouncy castle will be available for kids after Zohar prayer till Meghreb prayer. Dinner will be served after Asr prayer.


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